Medicine Of One
Vision Quest

The vision Quest is a search for the truth of who we are and in the finding of that comes meaning and purpose. In my work with hundreds of people I have found that the vision, the truth of who we are is always there. How could it be otherwise? But it is our souls journey through experiences, that are not allowed to complete themselves, and transform, that clouds our vision in its many forms: Doubt, shame, guilt, greed, jealousy and on and on. So we must "clear the way". Often times it is an old dream that is dreaming us. So we must take this tiger of a dream by the tail and dream it consciously and put a new dream in place. A dream that fills the circle of who we are with trust, strength, true vision, and a certainty that comes from a knowing that lives in our very bones. A new vision that is alive in the very air that we breathe. This begins with the Soul Journey where I, as the Soul Dreamer, live the unlived so that it may cycle back into the earth, and then plant a new dream that is born from within you.

Together we must then, consciously gather what has been abandoned. Your vision is a song, it is music, and much of it is lost in the effort to survive. So many times that which is the primary force of survival in the circle of who we are is that which blocks our vision.We abandon our truth for a false i-dentity in the effort to be safe, valued, and powerful. And yet ironically, in doing so, we deny our Selves True Value, True Safety, and True Power. This inner force of survival, like the king pin personality, can not allow us to trust, to surrender, to be. This gathering I call, Gathering Soul Medicine.
Only then are we ready to give the song of who you are concrete form. This is what you gift the world with, your very presence, like the effortless scenting of the air by a wild flower. This Spine of your existence, this movement like the flow of the river of your being, what is its uniqueness? This uniqueness will be expressed as something that has always been there, that you are good at and you enjoy doing. But it is something that you are, which means that in just being you receive the gift, that is gifted to the world. It does not matter what kind of work you do. The movie, "Its a Wonderful Life", is a great reminder of this. When we doubt our basic worth, abandon the trust of our truth,and move away from the fears that stir within us, the skies of our vision become clouded. So Clear the Way, NOW!




1. Shamanic Soul Journey (session / recored with our talks ).
2. Gathering Soul Medicine (Begins from our first meeting)
3. Coming To the Center (Soul journey through the land)
4. Discovering The Spine (The primary movement of your here-ness in life)
6. The Medicine of One (teachings woven through our time together)
7. Solo nights & partial days in One of the Medicine Circles

These are the main components. Many people are able to experience great movement with this combination. Many are not necessarily in conflict or pain. They just want to bring the song, the visionary rhythm, of who they are more fully into the world. Or to find truth and meaning in a world that is being turned upside down. The sequence of these can vary in the order and how much time you spread them out over. The amount of time we are together can also vary and that is why, if possible, I work with only one person on a given day. Much can happen in a short time. We might be together 2 1/2 hours or 4 1/2 hours. We will both know when your cup is full on that given day. Then if it is one of your nights on the land, it will be a time of just being with that fullness without distraction. You can do one, two, or three solo nights and partial days on the land alone, just you and the stars, as an optional component. This is not something I insist people do. I have done many of these intensive vision Quest with people, and it is neither productive nor necessary to impose any kind of hardship or physical stress. Vision does not come through force, but through surrender.


Extended over three days for a total of 8 to 12 hours with one person with an optional one or two nights on your own / solo beneath the stars on first and second days in one of the Medicine Circles.