Soul Journeys On The Land


I have served as a guide in the area of Sedona for 25 years guiding archeological and geological expeditions and  sacred places and vortex journeys. I have done tours based out of Sedona and Jerome and I served as a narrator/entertainer on the Verde Canyon Railroad. These are all very different areas of this valley. This whole valley is full of magical places. I have circles of power on the sides of mountains, the edges of mesas and in deep river gorges.

         Its always my intent to take you to places that you would never experience on your own or with anyone else. This means I avoid the popular vortex areas which are very easily visited on your own.

         NO matter where we go or what we do my wish is to serve your reason for visiting this area. Sometimes this isn't known until we actually meet.  Our journey is a co-creation in the moment. It could just be visiting power and sacred places, but if some of my gifts of helping people clear the way to their truth are asked for then we can go that direction. I like to leave it open ended. All we need to do is schedule the time. The length of time can very depending on how it unfolds. Just journeying the land and visiting places is usually longer then when we are doing personal work. But neither of is in control. This all takes care of itself. I take people into a feeling place where they are the source of their own truth and inspiration, where in the simple act of opening to what is within and without one is empowered.

The cost varies according to the number of people. Everything I do is private because this allows us to share a more intimate time together.

One person:  $285
Two People:  $165 each

Three or more: $125 each
Please ask me about discounts for larger groups