The Soul Journey

Soul Dreaming & Retrieval

Soul Journey

Soul Dreaming &  Soul Retrieval

       Our souls are full of stories lived in one way. The intent of the Soul Journey is to free you from the memory field of stories so they no longer define who you are. The old forgotten dreams of pain are lived and freed; and a new dream of peace, harmony, and beauty is set in motion. You shift to a new level allowing you access to a higher truth and a greater knowing.


       Magic and synchronicity happen when I am Soul Dreaming for someone. It’s as if we are weaving back and forth between these two worlds together.It is like grabbing a golden thread that is spun from a soul's vast experience as it weaves its way through time and space. There are many threads, each as if woven tightly around a core issue. The thread itself is made up of emotion, energy-in-motion, that has been rendered motionless by the glue of the mind that holds it all together. The Soul Dreamer’s action is to sound the soul and give voice to the thread of experience that has been immobilized.


       This thread is like a driving melodic theme in a symphony on which everything hangs. The notes held captive in this frozen ball will be unavailable to that person in life. I give voice to what has not been allowed to speak and move. To sound the note and give voice to the pain, through my actual feeling, expressing both in voice and the context of a dream-like story is to send a kind of vibration through that thread so that it may come trembling back to life. This can happen through image, sound, objects, places, and the magical poetry of words. It’s a magical journey, partly through old dream stories, to liberate and  infuse a new dream.

Soul Journey session


Our time together is up to an hour and a half. Both the session and our talk before are recorded for you. This session is the first component of the Personal Retreat and the Vision Quest.

If you only have one day available, the Coming To the Center outdoor session

is an excellent companion to The Soul Journey and will help further integrate our work.