"This path has been a living thing that has grown over a half of a century of my life and twenty years of helping others live in their truth.  In the last two decades, I can say with clear honesty it has allowed me to have peace and to continue to enjoy my love of being, while continuing to keep rooting myself each day in something greater that can only be described as the great mystery.  It is in this honoring I share what has allowed me to give into the flow of this mystery and to never give up even in my darkest days, weeks, months, and years.

       Medicine of One is a circle formed from many influences. It shares much with the predecessor of all religions and spiritual traditions ~ shamanism, an earth based spirituality. Shamanism is everywhere on the earth people have inhabited. It was born from the First People of these lands.

The land of my Circles is a land resonant with 12,000 years of human history. Before the Yavapai and Tonto Apache lived here, it was the ancient land of the Hopi. Slightly to the North are the Navajo, whose stories of the land and living at the center I also resonate with. The wisdom of all these First Peoples exudes from the land and joins with the Eastern traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism in my Circle, which also have their shamanic origins.

      I pay homage to all wisdoms born from the earth in our search for meaning and truth. All of them inevitably base themselves in compassion. Compassion is the Circle of Medicine of One. I haven't created anything. I have listened to what vibrated with the sound of truth until these collected notes formed a song. You hold that song in your hands. May it strike a chord in you that helps you come home to yourself."       

                                                                Medicine Of One ~ Lomakayu

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The Path - Clay Lomakayu
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