Clay Lomakayu


Lomakayu lives in the Verde Valley near Sedona, Arizona in Old Town Cottonwood with his dogs Beauty and Sundance who  his devoted helpers. Lomakayu is a soul dreamer in the shamanic tradition and the originator of primordial movements, an intuitive body based technique for aiding emotional movements of the soul. Together with his canine assistants, he has been guiding, teaching, and assisting people to heal and come home to themselves for 25 years.  Medicine of One is the result of working with thousands of clients from all over the world. His book Medicine of One is currently available on You can do a serach for Lomakayu.The book shares his unique path for living in balance, harmony, and peace so that the true spine of your life may gift  the world. He has been featured in magazines and television shows world wide.


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Below, Clay working with the Dutchess of York, Sarah Ferguson.

Medicine of One / Lomakayu