Medicine of One Counseling


            I counsel people in many different ways. It all depends on the problem or focus of their interest how this unfolds. If it's face to face then it may evolve into  a soul journey session for them.

           For long distance I have been very successful using the virtual medium of Skype to help people. Being able to see you allows for a greater wealth of information to become accessible to me. It may be just straight counseling or I may have you do what I call Primordial Movements. I have found this to be a very successful format for helping people.

           My intent is always to bring you into your own knowing. People ask for my help because they are stuck in a place they can't seem to move out of or because the are in forward movement but something seems to be holding them back. I help clear the way so that clarity, peace, harmony, balance can be restored. The context for everything I do is The Medicine of One which is about living at the center of the circle of who you are.


$150 for counseling in my home

$50 per half hour via Skype or Phone

Deposit or Payment